Questions <3

WHerRRee IssSS mYYY pACkkaGeEee???

- On average we ship your package out 1-2 business days after you place the order. From there it takes one day to reach the sorting facility. after that its approx 5 business days for Canada and US and 10 business days for Australia and the UK. Dubai is about 15 days and so is Hong Kong. I haven't gotten too many orders from other places yet but that's the info I have for now.

- You should have been emailed a tracking link as soon as I processed your order. If the tracking link doesn't work and your package was sent by "GTA or GSM" then use this link to track your package instead because I find it works a little better.

- If your order doesn't show up 20 days after you have ordered it then I think there might be an issue so that would be an appropriate time to email me. Otherwise.... you probably just need to be a little patient and I promise it will show up. Look for a pink bag ;)

- If you get a notification that "package was delivered" and then you go check your mailbox and its NOT THERE!!!!..... wait 3 hours then check again. For some reason this happens allllll the time. These mail men seem to be quick with the notifications. lol



- of course you may!!!! but the problem is ... we always sell out so we probably have nothing to exchange it for. Keeping that in mind, try your best to really think your purchase through and read the descriptions for size information.

- No matter what happens tho, we will always offer you a store credit so when we restock or drop a different style, you can exchange it at your own leisure. <3

- bottoms are final sale due to sanitary reasons. 



- Please give blueberry 2-4 business days to respond to your email. Especially after a drop day we get a looootttttt of them and that's why I made this question page so that you guys can chill out a little. I promise I am not ignoring you. If I don't answer within 4 days, THEN email me again :) thank you 



- Trust me!!! I want to restock. more than you do!!!!!! The Milk Mob factory is sewing everyday and we are trying our best to restock. you can sign up for "restock notifications" under each product on the website so that the exact second I restock anything, you are notified by email. That's the best way!!! 

- I constantly try to balance ordering enough so that you guys all get it but not too much to avoid being wasteful :( SUSTAINABILITY WHO??? yaaaassss